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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Two years today.

I'm about as organised as a broken jig-saw.

In my defence, I've been visiting family the last two days, so no visit to the lake this morning. Instead, I've thrown together a few out takes from this year, a short video, for a quick post.

Late, I know, but ..............


  1. You caught a Redwing, at this time of a year, good shooting Keith.

  2. As you say Keith, a bit late but...H*A*P*P*Y A*N*N*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y Two years and still going strong...long may it last!

    Love the out takes, can we have the feature length version[;o)

  3. Cheers Trevor.
    I never thought I would get this far when I started. A lot of the out takes consisted of a lot of profanities. Maybe I should keep them for a 'special' lol

  4. Brilliant...leave them in.
    Happy anniversary.

  5. Hi Keith..Dear me I had to watch it twice, and laughed harder the second time even knowing what to expect!!
    You can't say that P.word...LOL...I haven't heard that word in some time!! Funny stuff..!!!
    Happy Anniversary my friend..I have so enjoyed following your blogs!!!
    2 Hugs!!

  6. Good set of outtakes Keith, yeah you can't say that.{:)

  7. WELL I spent a lot of time living in NYC the profanity is a way of life...Im trying to relearn some simple swear Drat, Darn, and Shucks! and its NOT

  8. Thanks Adrian.

    Grace, thank you. Glad you've enjoyed them. :-)

    Thanks Roy.

    Thanks Sondra; I know just what you mean. I tend to swear without realising it sometimes, although I'm getting better now lol

  9. Brilliant Keith! I loved it, that's two great laughs you have given me in twenty four hours...thanks :-)

    By the way, you should think about putting your latest new toy in your sister's garden for a night or two, could be fun with those foxes!

    Congrats on your Caldecotte two year anniversary, I look forward to many more.

  10. Thanks Jan.
    That'd be good to capture the foxes on the camera.

  11. Congratulations on two years of recording the interesting comings and goings at the lakes.