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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Little Egret, an Orchid, and some more young ones.

Another sunny morning, without the strong wind.

A quick check of Cormorant island before I made my way round the north lake, and I found a Little Egret, that had stayed the night, and was in the process of getting ready to leave. I wonder if any more will roost here again. Last year there were at least five.

Before I reached the road bridge, I spent some time watching a Wood Pigeon, feeding two of its young, in the trees. It appeared to be regurgitating food for them; but it was difficult to see properly, because of the branches of the trees. Fascinating to watch though.

A few warblers calling from the trees, as I made my way towards the bandstand, and as I crossed the bridge, I stopped to watch a family of Coots, busily feeding,

and also a group of Mallards nearby.

Up at the top end, by the steps, I expected to find the two families of stranded ducklings; but some kind soul, (or souls........the wood was bloody heavy), have moved the 'bridge', to allow access back to the lake. Nice one.

The Heron was in his usual spot by the weir, standing on the metal fence.

Round by the pub, a large number of geese; and amongst them, an Oystercatcher searching for breakfast.

The Crows were along the edge of the south lake, waiting for the left over apple core.
A couple of younger Crows too, excitedly calling for food. One was not disappointed, as he was fed some apple by one of the adult birds.

And finally, after constantly looking for a few days, I found one of the orchids that grow at the far end of the lake.

Not sure what type, but always good to see them here.

The Mute Swan is still sitting on the nest amongst the reeds, so hopefully the cygnets will be hatching soon.

Up by the rowing club, I watched another family of Mallards, as they swam close to the edge; and then I finally arrived back at the car park.

No visit out with Trevor.

Full list of today's sightings

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Greylag Goose [sp] (Anser anser)
Greater Canada Goose [sp] (Branta canadensis)
Mallard [sp] (Anas platyrhynchos)
Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
Great Crested Grebe [sp] (Podiceps cristatus)
Great Cormorant [sp] (Phalacrocorax carbo)
Little Egret [sp] (Egretta garzetta)
Grey Heron [sp] (Ardea cinerea)
Common Buzzard [sp] (Buteo buteo)
Common Kestrel [sp] (Falco tinnunculus)
Common Moorhen [sp] (Gallinula chloropus)
Common Coot [sp] (Fulica atra)
Eurasian Oystercatcher [sp] (Haematopus ostralegus)
Common Tern [sp] (Sterna hirundo)
Common Wood Pigeon [sp] (Columba palumbus)
Eurasian Collared Dove [sp] (Streptopelia decaocto)
Common Swift [sp] (Apus apus)
Common Kingfisher [sp] (Alcedo atthis)
Barn Swallow [sp] (Hirundo rustica)
House Martin [sp] (Delichon urbicum)
Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba yarrellii)
British Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes indigenus)
British Dunnock (Prunella modularis occidentalis)
British Robin (Erithacus rubecula melophilus)
Common Blackbird [sp] (Turdus merula)
British Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos clarkei)
Garden Warbler [sp] (Sylvia borin)
Common Whitethroat [sp] (Sylvia communis)
British Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus obscurus)
British Great Tit (Parus major newtoni)
Eurasian Magpie [sp] (Pica pica)
Carrion Crow [sp] (Corvus corone)
Common Starling [sp] (Sturnus vulgaris)
House Sparrow [sp] (Passer domesticus)
British Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs gengleri)
Reed Bunting [sp] (Emberiza schoeniclus)

Total species  37


  1. You had a pleasant sunny walk this morning Keith...for a change!!

    Nice to see all the 'youngsters' doing well, only a mother could love those Coot chicks!! And the Orchid, at last!...Common Spotted, I think...[;o)

    See you bright and early in the morning!!!

  2. A very enjoyable video Keith. Definitely well done to whoever put the 'bridge' back :-) Nice to see all the youngsters and always good to see 'my' Heron as I think of it :-)

    Well done for eventually finding the orchid which looks to me like a Common Spotted.

  3. Cheers Trevor.
    I'll be ready :-)

    Thanks Jan. I think both you and Trevor are right with the ID for the orchid.
    Thought you'd be pleased about the 'bridge' :-)

    Thank you Bob. A bit of sun makes a big difference. :-)

  4. Definitely that Awwww time of year and always nice to watch the youngsters being fed. Makes a change to see Coots which aren't knocking seven bells out of each other. lol.

  5. the coot chicks are so dang CUTE! Hope you have a good walk around with Trevor..

  6. Cheers John. Sadly, not so many young ones about this year. The weather has had a devastating effect.

    Thank you Sondra.
    Yea, we had a great day yesterday; even the sun shone lol
    Back to pouring rain today though.