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Monday, 23 January 2012

Goosander and Little Egret

A bit of a cloudy morning, that always held the promise of some sun.

The Song Thrush was in fine voice this morning, and a few Chaffinch and Reed Bunting around the footbridge, by the car park.
As I began to make my way round the north lake, the sky darkened as a huge Great Black-backed Gull flew overhead.
Slight exaggeration; no dark sky, but he was a big bugger!

Tufted Duck and Great Crested Grebes were all in their usual places, and a group of Wigeon were grazing happily with a few Canada Geese.

A pair of Goosander were up at the top end, where they can usually be found, and more Canada Geese, Wigeon and Gadwall.
A pair of Great Crested Grebes were doing some head waggling, followed by a half hearted attempt at the weed dance.
One rose from the depths with a beak full of weed, and the other just swam away. Maybe next time.

A Kingfisher flashed past over the water, and disappeared into the bushes on the opposite bank.

 (Yes, he's the blue blob on the right. Couldn't resist posting this one)

On towards the south lake, and the usual Crow antics kept me amused as I made my way to the far end.

Little Grebe were very vocal, but not quite so visible; and a quick view of a Little Egret on the shore of the island. Sadly he didn't stay long though, and was soon heading north.

A collection of gulls bobbing in the water, along with the usual Coots, and a few Moorhen were probing the shoreline for food.

Along the path by the rowing club, a couple of Mute Swans were busily flexing their feathers, to see off another pair, that had dared to stray onto their lake. A pair of Mallard were making an unsuccessful attempt at mating, (I think the male spent too much time head banging, and the female lost interest), and another pair of Great Crested Grebes out in the distance, were also failing to impress each other fully.

Back at the car park, I watched a group of half a dozen Bullfinch feeding on buds of the trees,

The Song Thrush was still singing his morning song,

and at the feeders, good to see some frenzied feeding activity; or at least until I got the camera out.

Another interesting morning.

Full list of today's sightings

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Greylag Goose [sp] (Anser anser)
Greater Canada Goose [sp] (Branta canadensis)
Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope)
Gadwall [sp] (Anas strepera)
Mallard [sp] (Anas platyrhynchos)
Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
Goosander (Mergus merganser merganser)
Little Grebe [sp] (Tachybaptus ruficollis)
Great Crested Grebe [sp] (Podiceps cristatus)
Great Cormorant [sp] (Phalacrocorax carbo)
Little Egret [sp] (Egretta garzetta)
Grey Heron [sp] (Ardea cinerea)
Common Moorhen [sp] (Gallinula chloropus)
Common Coot [sp] (Fulica atra)
Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)
Common Gull (Larus canus canus)
Lesser Black-backed Gull [sp] (Larus fuscus)
Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus)
Common Wood Pigeon [sp] (Columba palumbus)
Common Kingfisher [sp] (Alcedo atthis)
Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba yarrellii)
British Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes indigenus)
British Dunnock (Prunella modularis occidentalis)
British Robin (Erithacus rubecula melophilus)
Common Blackbird [sp] (Turdus merula)
British Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos clarkei)
Redwing [sp] (Turdus iliacus)
British Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus obscurus)
British Great Tit (Parus major newtoni)
Eurasian Magpie [sp] (Pica pica)
Eurasian Jackdaw [sp] (Corvus monedula)
Carrion Crow [sp] (Corvus corone)
Common Starling [sp] (Sturnus vulgaris)
British Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs gengleri)
European Greenfinch [sp] (Carduelis chloris)
European Goldfinch [sp] (Carduelis carduelis)
British Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula pileata)
Reed Bunting [sp] (Emberiza schoeniclus)

Total species  39


  1. That is some zoom on your camera. I really admire and enjoy your videos. I went back to your first Caldecote Lake the accent was better but the commentary now is. No one I know can speak and film. Get selling And good luck.

  2. Cheers Adrian. Appreciate your comments. Very kind.
    I guess the voice has gone posher with age; perhaps. :-)
    I wonder who'd want the ramblings of an old git wandering round a lake lol

  3. Your little song thrush is lovely! Love him...and the Wigeon are so Colorful...
    The commentary is Great!!

  4. Thanks Sondra. That Song Thrush really brightens the dullest mornings with his singing.

  5. Another good one Keith.

    I really like watching the antics of those Crows...[;o)

  6. Thanks Trevor. They're real stars. They'll be after a performance increase soon. An apple each!

  7. They are beeeeeeeeautiful, great images.

  8. Another lovely post Keith...

  9. Thanks Andrew.
    Hope to get round here later today; missed yesterday, had things to do.

  10. Another lovely morning there!
    I love to see Kingfishers, even if it's a blue flyby :)

  11. Thanks Nicole. Blue flyby's are usually all I get with the Kingfisher. Such a wary bird. One day I'll get a shot I'm pleased with.