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Friday, 27 January 2012

Cold, sunny, and brilliant.

Cold and frosty, but the sun shone; what a morning.

By the feeders, and round the footbridge, plenty of Reed Buntings, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Magpies and Crows.

Under the road bridge, towards the north lake, Mallard, Great Crested Grebe, Mute Swans and flying Canada and Greylag Geese. Up by the footbridge, in his usual spot, the Grey Heron was fishing,

 and in the water, a few Cormorants fishing too.

 (This was one that got away. Too big for the Cormorant)

A Crow was sitting amongst the trees,

 crowing away, and a few Wigeon were grazing on the grassy bank, enjoying the warming sun on their backs, no doubt.

As I neared the top end of the lake, I noticed the first lot of Crocuses pushing through the frosty grass. A lovely sight, and a reminder that spring can't be very far away now.

Bazooka man was on the far shore,

and I wandered down to the river, and found four Goosander swimming along. They were soon airborne, and settled on the lake.

After a few minutes, a pair took off, and headed north.

Walking up towards the pub, I found a Green Woodpecker probing the grass for ants; but as usual, once I'd breached his large comfort zone, he was away.

A Cormorant sat drying his wings, on the launch pad for the boat club, by the pub.

The south lake beckoned, and so did the Crows.

They were soon satisfied with an apple core, and I carried on to the far end of the lake.

Another pair of Goosander in the sunlight, and by the island, in the sheltered spot, a group of Gadwall, Tufted Duck, and a Little Grebe swimming around.

A group of trees have been marked with pink paint spots, that are close to some power lines. I hope they're not for the chop, because they are a favourite for the group of Siskins that regularly frequent them.

After watching them for a while, and a brief glimpse of a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers, in the trees by the railway line, I carried on towards the rowing club.

Past a group of Tufted Duck, and a Herring Gull,

sunning himself on one of the buoys, and I was soon back at the car park.

A look round the bushes at the footbridge, and along with some Reed Buntings and Chaffinch, I found a male Bullfinch.

And at the feeders, Greenfinch,

Blue Tits,

Great Tits, Long Tailed Tits,

and  a Great Spotted Woodpecker enjoying some peanuts, before heading up into the trees.

Perfect morning.

Full list of today's sightings

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Greylag Goose [sp] (Anser anser)
Greater Canada Goose [sp] (Branta canadensis)
Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope)
Gadwall [sp] (Anas strepera)
Mallard [sp] (Anas platyrhynchos)
Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
Goosander (Mergus merganser merganser)
Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
Little Grebe [sp] (Tachybaptus ruficollis)
Great Crested Grebe [sp] (Podiceps cristatus)
Great Cormorant [sp] (Phalacrocorax carbo)
Grey Heron [sp] (Ardea cinerea)
Eurasian Sparrowhawk [sp] (Accipiter nisus)
Common Moorhen [sp] (Gallinula chloropus)
Common Coot [sp] (Fulica atra)
Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)
Common Gull (Larus canus canus)
Lesser Black-backed Gull [sp] (Larus fuscus)
British Herring Gull (Larus argentatus argenteus)
Common Wood Pigeon [sp] (Columba palumbus)
Green Woodpecker [sp] (Picus viridis)
British Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major anglicus)
Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba yarrellii)
British Dunnock (Prunella modularis occidentalis)
British Robin (Erithacus rubecula melophilus)
Common Blackbird [sp] (Turdus merula)
British Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos clarkei)
British Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus rosaceus)
British Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus obscurus)
British Great Tit (Parus major newtoni)
Eurasian Magpie [sp] (Pica pica)
Rook [sp] (Corvus frugilegus)
Carrion Crow [sp] (Corvus corone)
British Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs gengleri)
European Greenfinch [sp] (Carduelis chloris)
European Goldfinch [sp] (Carduelis carduelis)
Eurasian Siskin (Carduelis spinus)
British Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula pileata)
Reed Bunting [sp] (Emberiza schoeniclus)

Total species  40


  1. Like you say Keith, a perfect day!

    Super pictures and video. a
    And an excellent shot of that red and green 'missile'!!...[;o)

  2. Cheers Trevor. Yea, a fantastic morning. I couldn't want for more.

  3. I agree with Trevor, super shots.

  4. What a fantasic day you had Keith.. Manchester today lived up to it's name as the rainy city...

  5. Thank you Bob :-)

    Rain moved in here in the afternoon Andrew. Still, the sun was good while it lasted.

  6. Gorgeous pictures in this Post Keith...I really love that Woodpecker shot..he looks like he was shot out of a cannon!!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. HI Keith...finally... the photos great especially like the Green woodpecker as Trevor called it the "green missile" lol
    I like that you sounded so chipper ...a good morning and by now your just about ready to start another morning..: }
    The Bazooka man ...that just gets me laughing when you talk about him...he is pretty funny..that swan must have wondering if he had something to eat and he was hoping it would go away!!
    Have a good Saturday..

  8. A great day Keith, interesting video as always and some lovely photos and you sounded as chirpy as the birds.

    The Green Woodpecker capture is a cracker!

    It looks like the Wooly-capped Bazooka is becoming a regular patch tick ;-)

  9. Thanks Sondra. I got lucky with that Woodpecker lol
    Enjoy your weekend too.

    Thanks Grace. Yea, some birders/photographers are a strange lot lol
    Enjoy your weekend. Sun shining here now.

    Thank you Jan. Yea, getting some real rarities here now lol

  10. This is one heck of a collection, wow!
    Hey, at least you got a photo of the Green Woddpecker. I didn't in Germany, hence he's not on my Lifelist - boohooo :(

  11. Cheers Nicole. Yea, it was a very good mornings visit; and the sun shone lol