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Monday, 14 November 2011

Feeders at the lake

I received an e-mail yesterday from Dawn, at the Parks Trust.

It seems that some people are still complaining about the rats; one person even complained to the Milton Keynes pest control team.

This morning I made a quick visit, and took all the feeders down near the footbridge, and put them in the new area.

I hope these people are happy now.


  1. HI Keith...So sorry to hear this!! I know how much you have enjoyed having the feeders there at the footbridge and so have your feathered friends!!
    It's seems there is always a rotten apple in the bunch, and just the one can keep that spoilage going...seems to be happening !!
    Do you suppose that that rubbish could just "accidentaly" lol get
    on the jogging trail ; } !!
    I wonder if they would like that..rats love trash!


  2. Keith, perhaps we should campaign for the parks trust to put up one of those information boards detailing the clean living and sociable lives of rats (wild animals) compared to the anti social behaviour of the morons who leave their rubbish strewn about such a beautiful place (JUST ANIMALS)

    Sorry, I'm in ranting mood today!!

  3. It has always amazed me how people can carry food and drink into the countryside.. enjoy what they see (that's why they visited in the first place) then are prepared to leave it in tha state you have shown... Amazing.
    It makes me embarrassed to be British at times.

    I had a little tidy up of my childhood woods this summer and I only went there to reminise a couple of times... a full bin bag before I left.

  4. Thanks Grace. Maybe once the winter sets in, the moaners will stop coming to the lake, stay at home in the warm, and things might get back to normal.

    Thanks Trevor. I needed a rant today too.

    I totally agree Andrew. And the rubbish must weigh less than it did when it was carried to the park.

  5. They were sorry that you didn't see them, yea, the vandals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks Bob. Hopefully I can spend more time here tomorrow.

  7. OH for pete's sake some people are such WIMPS..they need to grow up get that cell phone outta their ear and enjoy the REAL world Rats and all!!!!!

  8. Sondra, I couldn't agree more.