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Monday, 12 September 2011


No bird list, just a short video today; I have to start the process of signing on later.

A fierce wind blowing across the lake this morning, bringing with it some showers.
After topping up the feeders, I quickly had a look over on Cormorant island, and found two remaining Little Egrets.

They both soon left, flying into the wind, low over the water, until they reached the island at the bottom, and then got some lift to get higher, and over the trees, disappearing into the distance.

For some reason I only caught a few brief seconds of video, of what should have been a longer sequence. Assigned to the bin in disgust!

I may get back over here later, depending on how the next few hours go.


  1. Its windy thats alright. As soon as I left home this morning, it gave me a nudge, and said, it is "Blowing in the Wind", don't be in too much, life will carry on.

  2. I love a good storm......All the best with the egits.

  3. Seems a bit blustery around the lake today Keith!!

    All the best for Wednesday mate, stay calm!....{;o)

  4. Cheers Bob. Donovan made a timeless song when he recorded that one ;-)

    Thanks Adrian. They've turned me to drink! lol

    Trevor, a bit breezy to say the least.
    I think I've finally found everything they need. If not, sod 'em!

  5. I think your swan header pic would have given those twelve pics chosen for the 2012 country file calender a run for their money. Defo

  6. Thank you Debbie. I'll have to have a look for that on i-player.