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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Little Egrets

Five Little Egrets this morning, on Cormorant island.

Good to see these graceful looking birds.

Just the north lake walked today, got loads to do.
A cloudy start, and a bit windy, but the sun managed to shine through quite early, and it looked pretty good.

The bulk of the birds on the lake today, were Coots and Mallards. A largish flock of Tufted Duck were flying around, which signals the boat people out on the water.

Short visit, but worth it.

Full list of today's sightings

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Greater Canada Goose [sp] (Branta canadensis)
Mallard [sp] (Anas platyrhynchos)
Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
Great Crested Grebe [sp] (Podiceps cristatus)
Great Cormorant [sp] (Phalacrocorax carbo)
Little Egret [sp] (Egretta garzetta)
Grey Heron [sp] (Ardea cinerea)
Common Moorhen [sp] (Gallinula chloropus)
Common Coot [sp] (Fulica atra)
Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)
Lesser Black-backed Gull [sp] (Larus fuscus)
Feral Pigeon (Columba livia 'feral')
Common Wood Pigeon [sp] (Columba palumbus)
Green Woodpecker [sp] (Picus viridis)
British Robin (Erithacus rubecula melophilus)
Common Blackbird [sp] (Turdus merula)
British Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos clarkei)
Common Chiffchaff [sp] (Phylloscopus collybita)
British Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus obscurus)
British Great Tit (Parus major newtoni)
British Jay (Garrulus glandarius rufitergum)
Eurasian Magpie [sp] (Pica pica)
Rook [sp] (Corvus frugilegus)
Carrion Crow [sp] (Corvus corone)
Common Starling [sp] (Sturnus vulgaris)
House Sparrow [sp] (Passer domesticus)
British Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs gengleri)
European Greenfinch [sp] (Carduelis chloris)
European Goldfinch [sp] (Carduelis carduelis)

Total species  30


  1. Really like the contrast of the stormy looking sky against the autumnal backdrop.

  2. That first photo of the morning light over the water onto the far bank is magical. And what a treat to watch the great crested grebe adult in its morning wash-up with the kids just hanging about.

  3. Hi Keith why do Swans do this in autumn?
    You have the blogger bug. A superb opening image ruined cos I can't enlarge it. Mark has the hack to rid it forever.

  4. Thanks Debbie. It was a magical bit of light for a while. The picture doesn't do it justice though.

    Thanks Wilma. Yea, quite a good visit today, although brief, again.

    Adrian no idea why they do it. Seems an awful waste of energy to me. Maybe it's a bit of showing off, or territory bragging?

    I post the pictures at max size; for me, that's 700 px along the longest edge. I'm using Chrome browser at the moment, and clicking the picture brings it up at its max size. Not sure why it doesn't work for you. Maybe the browser?

  5. Stormy weather everywhere, but it left us with a vast summer feeling again.

  6. Thanks Bob.
    A big storm here this evening, but its cooled it down a bit, and it feels fresher.

  7. Wow Autumn appears to have arrived in your part of the world Keith..
    The trees here are still quite green. I love seeing the Egrets and enjoyed following you around your patch.

  8. Some of the trees here Andrew have really turned golden recently, and a few are dropping their leaves already.

  9. Five L\Egrets in one place thats pretty special Keith even more as it was in the middle of the night.{:)
    You can definitely see the Autumn tinge in those trees now.

  10. Cheers Roy. One is a great bird to see, but five, yea, fantastic. :-)

  11. Stunning shot of the sunrise on the trees Keith. Autumn is surely on its way.

    Looks like that's going to be a permanent roost site for the Egrets now...and maybe early next year they'll...schh!....[;o)

  12. The light on the photo is absolutely gorgeous Keith !! Beautiful with this stormy sky and the fall colors :)
    Have a great Sunday x

  13. Thanks Trevor. Yea, I hope the Egrets decide to make it home. :-)

    Thanks Pescalune. Early morning light; can't beat it lol
    Enjoy your Sunday too :-)