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Thursday, 11 August 2011

4 Little Egrets

Working early shift this week, 6 a.m till 2 p.m.

Jim has a habit of waking me at around 3 a.m.; regardless of what shift I'm on, or even if I'm working at all that day.

So, after the feeders are topped up,   I usually have a quick look over on Cormorant island, and then it's off to work, but this morning I just had to share this very brief bit of video.

There were 4 Little Egrets up in the trees. My guess is they roosted there the night.


  1. A grand sight. Not as colourful as some birds but a grand post.

  2. Thanks Adrian. Just a quick post today.
    Sunday I can explore the lake more; a day off :-)

  3. The Little Egret is beautiful, in or out of the video.

  4. Thanks Bob. They are lovely, aren't they.

  5. Beautiful birds to see Keith..

  6. They certainly are Andrew. Couldn't believe it when I saw 4 :-)

  7. Hi Keith... You was there before the birds got up, and we all got to see the young Egrets leave the roost...very nice!
    When I saw all those things flying around I thought what to heck are those birds.. then you said Mosquitoes it made more since ,but the look huge!!lol

    I like the

  8. Thanks Grace. Hopefully I can catch the Egrets on Sunday morning; if they're still around.

  9. I think they are gathering to have their photos taken Keith. Hope they are still there for you at the weekend.

  10. Cool to see 4 in one tree!! Enjoy the upcoming weekend..IVE got 3 days off myself starting tomorrow...Going to enjoy sleeping in first and foremost.

  11. Thanks John. I hope they're still there too.

    Thank you Sondra.
    I just wish Jim would let me sleep in sometimes lol