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Friday, 12 August 2011

2 Little Egrets

A very quick look at the island this morning before going to work, and briefly saw 2 Little Egrets, that appeared to have roosted in the trees.
Plenty of Coot on the island too, and out on the water the remnants of a gull roost.
A better investigation on Sunday.

And today, a letter from work, confirming the rumours that have circulated for the last few days.
We all finish next Friday, 19th. A big cheer from some; I think we all want to get out of there now. I know I do. I can't bloody wait!


  1. Hi Keith..Well no more wondering and rumors...
    You'll have time to get caught up on the Egrets and activity at the lake.

  2. Thanks Grace. Yea, time to maybe start thinking of the future; or just have a long rest first :-)

  3. Time out means different. Not worse. Clap on lad. Smile a little smile and do what you are good at.

  4. Cheers Adrian.
    Yea, I've a lot to think about.

  5. Sheesh. A week's notice doesn't seem much. Of course, like the CEO, you'll get a seven figure golden handshake - not! Don't think too hard and long - it hurts the head. Hope you manage to find something suitable in the not too distant future.

  6. Not much warning for you Keith.
    I did see one L. Egret today (from a distance).

  7. I love the Egrets Keith...
    All the best for the future my friend I hope you find employment sooner rather than later..
    Must be a real worry.

  8. Thanks Bob. They're lovely birds; full of grace and charm.

    Cheers John. Yea, looking forward to being the richest man in MK lol

    Thanks Roy. The early finish date had been on the cards for some time, so not really a surprise to most of us.
    Paid until September 10, but not having to work; a good deal lol

    Thank you Andrew. Maybe the time to start thinking of working for myself again.