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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Better late than never

Is it? 
Not so sure.

Had a hectic day today; tried to get a doctors appointment this morning……failed; the one I wanted to see was busy. I’ll try again Monday.
A meeting at work, to see when I’m going back……..hopefully next Wednesday.
A late walk round the lake……….it all seemed so different.
And then I went shopping.

So, the lake; and the birds. Well, the Red Crested Pochard is still there, with plenty of Wigeon and Tufted Duck. The Shoveler on the south lake, but no sign of the Little Grebes; maybe they were just hiding.
Lots of Black-headed Gulls around, and there were quite a few flying in this afternoon too. I think they all gather on the south lake overnight. There were about 30 Lesser Black-backed Gulls bobbing about on the water, and a lone Lapwing sat on one of the boat jetties.
Canada Geese and Greylags, Mute Swans,

Herons, Blackbirds and Robins. Nothing new at all, apart from some Greenfinches by the car park. Not seen any of those here for a while.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Full list of today’s sightings

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Greylag Goose [sp] (Anser anser)
Greater Canada Goose [sp] (Branta canadensis)
Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope)
Gadwall [sp] (Anas strepera)
Mallard [sp] (Anas platyrhynchos)
Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata)
Red-crested Pochard (Netta rufina)
Common Pochard (Aythya ferina)
Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
Great Crested Grebe [sp] (Podiceps cristatus)
Great Cormorant [sp] (Phalacrocorax carbo)
Grey Heron [sp] (Ardea cinerea)
Common Moorhen [sp] (Gallinula chloropus)
Common Coot [sp] (Fulica atra)
Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)
Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)
Common Gull (Larus canus canus)
Lesser Black-backed Gull [sp] (Larus fuscus)
Common Wood Pigeon [sp] (Columba palumbus)
British Robin (Erithacus rubecula melophilus)
Common Blackbird [sp] (Turdus merula)
British Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus obscurus)
British Great Tit (Parus major newtoni)
Eurasian Magpie [sp] (Pica pica)
Eurasian Jackdaw [sp] (Corvus monedula)
Carrion Crow [sp] (Corvus corone)
Common Starling [sp] (Sturnus vulgaris)
British Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs gengleri)
European Greenfinch [sp] (Carduelis chloris)
British Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula pileata)

Total species  31


  1. Hi Keith...I know now your ok!!
    You had a day of what am going to read every morning when you go back to work...not the
    Hugs for a better day tomorrow

  2. I love your new hearder and this beautiful Beuatiufl swan.
    Have a great day night..

  3. Good luck Keith, you have certainly kept yourself busy and me amused during your enforced sabbatical.

  4. Thanks grammie. I'll try and get as many updates from here as I can ;)

    Thank you Lisa. Glad you like the header. :)

    Cheers Adrian. I guess I could hope they'll pension me off soon lol

  5. If only life was as serene as your picture Keith..